Handi Quilter Infinity 26 and Gallery Frame


Now this is some SERIOUS quilting capacity here. The Handi Quilter Infinity 26 and Gallery Frame set is so highly regarded in the longarm quilting world that you’ll have friends popping over to take a look at this impressively big, yet streamlined quilting frame system.

Unlike other big frames, the Handi Quilter Gallery Frame is designed to not only be functionally satisfying but seems to understand that it will have pride-of-place in your home, offering a clean, crisp looking frame system that effortlessly holds even the most enormous quilts. Height adjustable, you can work comfortably standing or on a saddle-stool, and the secure ratchet system for tightening your quilts allows for fine adjustments.

Add the very big, and equally well-designed Handi Quilter Infinity 26 quilting machine to the Gallery Frame and you get the ultimate quilting system. With 26 inches of clearance for big quilts, the Infinity 26 is more than just a steamlined longarm sewing at a powerful 3100 stitches per minute (nearly twice as fast as the fastest domestic sewing machine), having not one but two control screens (one at the front handlebars, and one at the rear because it is too enormous to walk around), and integrating precision controls for easy tension, exact stitch alignment and thread sensing.

For the final touch of complete longarm quilting excellence, add the ProStitcher to your Infinity 26 Quilting Machine and Gallery Frame for fully programmable and automated quilting. Click HERE for more information and pricing for the ProStitcher.

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NOTE: Availability and Delivery of your Handi Quilter will depend on your location and access to your home. Please contact the store to confirm delivery fee and to purchase.

“This quilting machine and frame isn’t just big. It’s strong AND secure, and will impress ANY experienced quilter!”


Handi Quilter

Handi Quilter


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