Baby Lock Ovation


The Baby Lock Ovation overlocker is the top-of-the-line model in the already impressive Baby Lock range in Australia, and hopefully is heralding in a new generation of overlockers with more room to move. More than just an overlocker, the Ovation also combines coverstitch features giving an impressive 87 stitch functions that even the most specialised dressmaker will love. By far, Baby Lock’s biggest claim-to-fame is their virtually automatic Jet Air threading system, channeling your thread through sealed tubes rather than higgeldy-piggeldy hooks, allowing you to thread in any order, without any tangles or awkward-to-reach places, and as a standard feature on here, the Jet Air system makes the Ovation a breeze to thread (no pun intended). Also separating Baby Lock from other brands, is their approach to tensions, with the Ovation’s Automatic Thread Delivery system removing fiddly dials and replacing them with an automatic tension for flawless results from the lightest to even the heaviest fabric.

While you can get some of these features on other Baby Lock high-end machines including the Evolution and the Evolve, the biggest difference that truly sets the Ovation apart from ALL other overlockers, is its enormous sewing space, with the sewing bed extended out to a very comfortable 5 inches. This not only carries the weight of larger sewing projects better, it also has opened up the room between the needles and the frame of the machine for access that overlockers have never had before – now you can effortlessly reach your work with your right hand, without having to dislocate your shoulder! As a top-of-the-line machine, the Ovation also comes with a top-of-the-line price range, sitting at just under $6000, but for lovers of pure comfort when sewing, luxury under your hands as you work, and impeccable stitch results first time, every time, this machine will impress you from the first moment that you sew with it.


Additional information

Weight 16.4 kg
Dimensions 600 × 420 × 460 cm


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