Robison Anton Machine Ebmroidery Threads

Robison Anton rayon machine embroidery threads are a beautiful combination of soft-to-touch and dependable-to-sew-with! With 400 colours in their enormous 1000m range you’ll always be able to match that tricky fabric, plus there are beautiful (and equally reliable) metallics and variegated threads too. And for your favourite colours, take a look at the super-economical 5500m range! If you love your quality machine, and you pride yourself on a quality result, then you’ll always respect a quality thread.

NOTE to our customers…as you browse this range, you’ll see some threads pictured on blue spools – these represent some colours where pictures of rayon were unavailable. You will be supplied with rayon thread on white spools in your order. In some cases, we’ve used colour swatches from the Robison Anton website.