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Create the latest sophisticated styles, trendy sportwear, stretchy activewear, adorable children’s wear, decorative home fashions and more! With the MO-735N you can expand your sewing capabilities with a wide range of 2/3/4 thread overlock stitch variations. With the MO-735N you can advance your serging applications to include chainstitch, 5 thread safety stitch and 2 or 3 needle coverstitch. These Juki Sergers can handle all types of fabrics from ultra-light weight to heavy weight and the most difficult-to-feed materials. Achieve virtually every serger technique and decorative stitch you’ve imagined with the Juki MO-735N

Out of stock


This item not available to purchase online. Please call (02) 4960 2426 to order.

From Juki Website

Automatic Looper Threading

Cut/sew/Finish in one Operation

Lay-in Type Thread Tension Slots

15 Overlock Stitch Variations

2 or 3 needle Bottom Coverstitch

Color-Coded Threaded

5 Thread safety stitch

2 -thread chainstitch

Automatic chain looper threader

Auxiliary Bed for chain and coverstitch

Waste bin

Slit-Type Molded Looper Threading Paths

Adjustable Stitch Length (external)

Adjustable Differential Feed (eternal)

Adjustable Lower Knife

Retractable Upper Knife

Automatic Rolled Hemming

2/3 Thread Conversion Cap

Wide Overedge Width (5 – 9mm)

Higher Presser Foot Lift

Sewing Light

Micro Safety Switch

Standard Parts/ Accessory Kit

Compensating Presser foot for Coverstitch

LED light fixture


Sewing Speed : Maximum 1,500 spm
Number of threads : 2/3/4/5 Threads
Standard Overlock width : Left needle: 7 mm;Rolled Hem: 2 mm;Right needle: 5 mm
Stitch length : 1-4 mm (standard 2.5mm/ Rolled hem 1 – 1.5mm)
Differential Feed: : 0.7-2.0 Ratio
Needle : 130/705H Nm 70,80,90
Built-in Rolled Hemming : Right(Narrow) or Left (Wide) Needle/2 or 3 thread
Decorative Flatlock : Right or left Needle/2 or 3 thread
Presser foot Lift : 5mm
2/3 Thread Converter : Standard with unit,easy to use conversion cap
Multi-Purpose Presser Foot : Same foot is used for overlock, chainstitch and coverstitch
Compensating Presser Foot: Parallel to throat plate to compensate for coverstitching multiple layers
Light : LED

Included Accessories

A9130-777-0A0 – Upper Looper Converter
A9106-776-000B – Spool Caps
A9109-202-000 – Tweezers
A9105-334-000 – Cleaning Brush/Needle inserter
A9107-202-000 – Needle Threader
A9116-335-000 – Nets
A4145-534-0A0 – Lower Knife
A9110-776-000 – Small screwdriver
A9103-102-000 – Large Screwdriver
A9180-735-0B0 – Cover/Chain Stitch extension plate
A1501-130-0C0 – Cover stitch presser foot
A9104-102-0A0 – Oiler
A9120-735-0A0 – Accessory bag
A9102-800-000 – Dust cover
Waste Collector – A9108-130-000
A1118-779-A00 – Spool Holder

Additional information

Dimensions 38 × 34 × 36 cm

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