• The Pfaff Creative 4.5 brings a combination of functionality and practicality to Pfaff’s luxury Creative range. Not quite as big as their pinnacle machine, the Creative Icon, the Creative 4.5 still delivers and enormous range of embroidery capacity and sewing comfort, and does it in Pfaff usual contemporary design flair. Roomy enough for even your biggest projects, and with the capacity to go even bigger with the optional 360mmx300mm hoop, the Creative 4.5 has 9mm stitch width for gorgeous decorative stitches (some up to an amazing 48mm wide in sewing mode!), and a very spacious full colour screen with lots and lots of onboard creative editing features.
    Whether you love just sewing, just embroidery or just about everything else, you won’t be disappointed by the very well appointed Pfaff Creative 4.5. And don't forget, the unique Pfaff IDT fabric feeding system is right there with you!
     "The Pfaff Creative 4.5 always feels like a touch of luxury when you sew."
  • The Pfaff Creative Icon is the pinnacle of Pfaff's beautiful history of combination embroidery machines, and just as you'd expect from such a milestone of a machine, it is filled with impressive features and functions that you'll delight in. The Creative Icon is bigger than anything before. The very roomy work-space of the Creative Icon is not only long (over 12 inches), it's also high with 5.5 inches of height allowing for bigger, bulkier projects to be tucked into the sewing area, or giving increased visibility to your work. Size also translates to the bobbin and needle area, with the new bobbin holding 30% more thread and the extra-wide needle plate giving smoother travel of your work under your needle. And then there is the enormous screen - big, easy to interact with, the Creative Icon's screen is similar in size to many tablets, and being an interactive touch screen, it also has many tablet-like features including pinch and zoom. Designed to truly engage you, the Creative Icon takes full advantage of this high resolution interface by offering animated help and how-to videos that will guide you through just about any of the impressive functions of the machine. Plug in the embroidery arm of the Creative Icon, and you'll be impressed by the 360mm x 260mm (that's 14 inches by 10 inches) embroidery area that's all in one hoop, and then once you are blown away by that, add the optional Grand Dream Hoop to extend your embroidery area out to 360mm x 250mm (that's 14 inches by 13.5 inches)...WOW!! Of course, big features means a big machine, so you'll need to make extra space in your sewing room, but that's a great thing, right? "The Pfaff Creative Icon is so big and beautiful and does EVERYTHING you could ever want."


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