• The perfect accessory for Baby Lock owners from Designer Stitch & Quilt, holding removable pages featuring 30 clear zip pockets in multiple sizes to house all different sized feet, attachments and tools. Made from 600 Denier Polyester Fabric, and featuring detachable shoulder strap and solid carry handles. A fixed strap on the back of the bag slips easily over the Baby Lock Trolley Bag handle to make it easy to transport to class. Available in Purple, Teal and Black.
  • The Baby Lock Coverstitch machine is the perfect best-friend to your Baby Lock overlocker (or any other overlocker). Create perfect and professional looking hems with this smooth coverstitch machine from Baby Lock. Including the Jet Air threading system, it's easy to thread in under a minute, and can give you chain stitch, double coverstitch and tripple coverstitch, Best off all, you can chain off on a Baby Lock Coverstitch so there is no need for a leader cloth as you hem.
    "Being able to chain off makes sewing sooo much easier!"
  • The Baby Lock Enlighten give's you so many top-of-the-line overlocker features without the addition of coverstitch functions. This gives you luxury 4-thread overlocking with features including Jet Air Threading, complete stitch adjustments and decorative wave stitch, without the added expense of coverstitch. The tension in the Enlighten is automatic, making it simple to sew the thinnist and the thickest of fabrics.
    "Very fast and uncomplicated overlocking!"
  • The Baby Lock Enspire gives you Baby Locks reliable and flawless stitching with a manual tension system. Still boasting the very easy Jet Air auto threading system, the Enspire gives you a whole lot of Baby Lock priced under $2000.
    "Jet air threading luxury under $2k"
  • The Baby Lock Evolve gives you a reliable overlocker and coverstitch combiniation machine that is impressive enough to feel like a high-end Baby Lock, but is priced mid-range. Switch effortlessly between overlocker and coverstitch, take advantage of beautiful decorative stitch features like Wave Edge, and shift between the lightest to the heaviest fabrics without touching your tension dials.
    "Smooooth overlocking every time!"
  • Overlocking and Coverstitching redefined with the latest technology. The Baby Lock Gloria is the newest top of the line model filled with amazing features – RevolutionAir looper and needle threading with a 6mm presser foot height, 6 LED lights, variable speed control and knee lift – to ensure you step into a creative world of overlocking and coverstitching. The Gloria is an eight-thread overlocker/coverstitch machine which has introduced the latest technology and features. It is a 2 in 1 machine which offers 88 stitch options including overlock stitches, chain and cover stitches as well as the Baby Lock exclusive wave stitch. The Gloria will also allow you to combine stitches to form expressive and decorative 8 thread stitches. The Gloria features the new “RevolutionAir threading system, with instant looper and needle threading, in any order, as well a full suite of innovative features you’ve come to expect from Baby Lock including our patented “Automatic Thread Delivery”.
    "The Baby Lock Gloria is just absolutely top-of-the-line in overlockers. So much room and a perfect stitch EVERY time!"
  • The Baby Lock Imagine gives you a reliable overlocker that has all of the basic Baby Lock features that give a quality and comfortable feel - automatic tension, Jet Air threading, and full stitch adjustment, without the extra decorative features that you might not need right now.
    "Jet air threading makes changing colours so quick and easy."
  • These luxury trolley bags made by Designer Stitch & Quilt are a stylish and safe way of transporting your Baby Lock Overlocker. Available in MEDIUM TEAL (46cm wide) for the Evolution, Enlighten, Evolve, Evolve Wave, Imagine, Enspire, Eclipse & Coverstitch and this LARGE PURPLE (54cm wide) for the Evolution, Enlighten, Evolve, Evolve Wave, Imagine, Enspire, Eclipse & Coverstitch
  • These luxury trolley bags made by Designer Stitch & Quilt are a stylish and safe way of transporting your Baby Lock Overlocker. Available in MEDIUM TEAL (46cm wide) for the Evolution, Enlighten, Evolve, Evolve Wave, Imagine, Enspire, Eclipse & Coverstitch and this LARGE PURPLE (54cm wide) for the Evolution, Enlighten, Evolve, Evolve Wave, Imagine, Enspire, Eclipse & Coverstitch
  • Your overlocker is about to receive a new level of critical Acclaim! The Baby Lock Acclaim overlocker features RevolutionAir™ Threading that threads the loopers with just the touch of a button and then threads the needles with the touch of another. You’ll also overlock tension-free with the Automatic Thread Delivery™ System (ATD) and the exclusive Wave Stitch will expand your creative options even further — making every one of your creations stand out like no other.
  • Bring a new sense of creative capability to your overlock with the Baby Lock Accolade overlocker. Combine chain and overlock stitches to form stitches with up to eight threads. ExtraordinAir® threading takes your thread through all three loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air. Plus, Accolade’s presser foot features a 6mm height that makes overlocking on thicker fabrics a breeze!
  • Ready to declare victory over threading your overlocker?Look no further than the Baby Lock Victory overlocker. This advanced home overlocker includes Jet-Air Threading™, which threads the lower loopers with the touch of a lever and Automatic Thread Delivery™ to thread in any order. Plus, Victory’s presser foot features a 6mm height that makes overlocking on thicker fabrics a breeze!  
  • At a glance…
    • Quilting / Sewing
    • 11″ Workspace
    • Pivot function
    • Ruler work function
    • Sewing speed 1,060 SPM
    The Horizon Memory Craft 9450QCP is our top of the line Quilting model, it offers all the features you require to simply sit, relax and sew. The large LCD colour touch screen makes it so easy to navigate through the 350 built-in stitches, including 11 one-step buttonholes and 9 alpha numeric fonts including 9mm lettering and numbers. You can customise each stitch including buttonholes plus save as a favourite stitch. Sewing Applications gives you a variety of pre-set stitch functions for seaming, zipper sewing, blind hem, button sewing, quilting, ruler work, patchwork, applique and lots more. Quilters and designers will appreciate the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System, the Automatic Presser Foot Lift plus the Electronic Automatic Tension Control. The MC9450QCP offers you extensive lighting with 9 white LED lights including a highlight which extends out and illuminates the needle area. To personalise your sewing you can create your own stitches using the Stitch Composer Software supplied with the machine. Save up to 40 created stitches directly in the machine memory. A new safety feature, the machine will automatically power off after a pre-set time, if idle.
  • When you create with fabric and thread, every project is a journey.  Where you end up and how you get there is all up to you… and your machine.  With wireless connectivity via your iPad or PC to the Horizon Quilt Maker MC15000 you’ll be there in no time…with 6 Janome iOS APP’s, Horizon Link Suite software and a large quantity of standard feet and accessories. The work-area size is fantastic, plenty of bed space for projects of all sizes. Plus, the Quilt Maker version has a ruler foot for Quilt Ruler work. This makes the machine more versatile in its features and capabilities, you are able to create so much more. The Horizon MC15000 comes standard with our largest hoop and has the largest colour touch screen we’ve ever made! No matter which direction you head, the Horizon MC15000 can take you there.  
  • Whether you want to compliment your favourite Horn sewing cabinet,or just set yourself  up with a comfortable sewing chair that adds some style to your favourite space,then the Horn gas lift sewing chair is what your looking for! "These chairs come in a range of pretty range of colours-not just a boring office chair"
  • Built for functionality and storage, this Rolla Storage Cabinet is compact and versatile, the right height to sit at your side while sewing on your Horn Sewing Cabinet, the Rolla has an ironing pad, or you can use it for extra cutting or pinning space. Available in White Ash, Teak and Beech, the Horn Rolla Storage Cabinet is a SPECIAL ORDER item.

    "This is the perfect combination of storage and a handy extra work-space"

  • The Janome AT2000D Air Threading Overlocker is one of the most exciting developments that Janome home sewing machines have seen in years! Finally, the easy-to-thread air threading mechanism previously most often seen on premium overlockers, is available to the everyday sewing enthusiast at an affordable price! "Air threading what now?" we hear you think...imagine that instead of having to loop and catch your thread through the hooks and loopers of your overlocker, you simply popped the end of your thread into a little tube, and then just pumped a lever! That's it. That's all you need to do to thread your AT2000D. And there's no other fussiness about threading including being able to thread in any order. Of course, Janome has always made quality overlockers, and is a trusted brand in the market, and as they release the AT2000D to the Australian market, they have also included other impressive features including wider feed dogs, simple-to-adjust foot pressure, and easy to access setting.  "Air Threading...AIR THREADING! Under $ 1700!"
  • The Continential M7 Professional is the next generation sewing machine with 343mm (13.5″) of workarea. It is packed with features for you to enjoy your sewing experience. There is a  large 7″ LCD colour touch screen with a clock, 400 built-in stitches, including 13 buttonholes and 4 alpha numeric fonts including 9mm lettering and numbers. You can customise each stitch including buttonholes plus save as a favourite stitch.  Sewing Applications gives you a large variety of pre-set stitch functions, including a quilting menu plus sewing feet menu. Quilters and designers will appreciate the automatic needle plate change-over, AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System, automatic Presser Foot Lift, Electronic Automatic Tension Control, independant bobbin winder plus a NEW Janome AcuSpark App with videos, instructions and tips. The CM7P offers you extensive lighting with 9 bright white LED lights over 4 locations to aluminate the work space. Personalize your sewing projects by creating your own stitches using the Stitch Composer Software supplied with the machine, plus with the screen saver tool add your own photos to the machine screen. this new sewing machine
  • The Janome CoverPro 2000CPX is the latest Janome CoverPro coverstitch machine. A middle-weight coverstitcher, the CoverPro has lots of space freeing up your chain-stitch creativity, and accommodating bulkier garments. What's a cover stitch machine? Take a look at the hem of your store-bought t-shirt - see that very tidy twin row of stitches that have finished the shirt? That's a coverstitch. The lower thread chains between the two rows, allowing the stitch to stretch with the fabric. It also neatly encases the raw edge of the hem. The CoverPro will do 3 needles or 2 needles for hems and embellishing, and single needle for chainstitch construction of stretch fabric. The free-arm is perfect for small hems like shirt sleeves and cuffs, and lower looper drops down for easy threading.  "The perfect finish...nothing beats a coverstitched hem on a t-shirt."
  • The Janome DC2030 is a computerised sewing machine with 30 built-in stitches including 1 memory buttonhole. On the front of the machine is a stitch reference guide, which displays an image of each stitch. This selection of stitches allows you to be creative using a variety of sewing techniques. Functions included on this model are built in needle threader, needle up/down button, reverse button and a one-hand thread cutter. Also, there is convenient storage in a accessory box. BONUS accessories have been packaged in the machine carton to enhance your sewing pleasure. These extras are, a large extension table, 1/4 inch seam foot and an even feed foot.
  • The Janome DC2050 is a tidy little computerised sewing machine, perfect for simple sewing, hemming and mending. This machine comes with a fun range of stitches making it great value for money but keep in mind you won't sew through heavy or bulky items very well.  "The DC2050 is a low-price way into sewing with lots of stitches to play with while you find what you love to create."
  • The Janome DC2150 is a light-weight computerized machine with a good variety of stitches. You wouldn't want to quilt with this machine everyday, but add a walking foot and you can work on your smaller projects just fine.  "This machine has a bit of everything while being light to lift - perfect for the caravan!"
  • The Janome DC2200 is a great starting place if you are looking for a stronger, more robust machine. There's no money wasted on a large variety of decorative stitches, with the focus here being instead on a range of functional stitches in a machine with a sturdier build and a smoother, more quiet stitch.  "The DC2200 is where Janome entry level machines start to get robust. This'll sew thicker fabrics nicely!"
  • The Janome DC6050 is a beginner-weight computerised machine with a nice range of functions including a built-in scissor action system - just touch the scissor button and the top and bottom threads will be cut by the machine before you pull your fabric away! While the 6050 is a great all-rounder, you might find the speed a little slow for quilting, but you'll enjoy its functionality for everyday work.  "You'll feel a bit spoilt by the DC6050's automatic cutting function - cuts your threads with the touch of a button!"
  • NEW Nov 2018 Flat-bed straight stitch model with fast speeds and smart design make the HD9 Professional the perfect machine for sewing and quilting! You’ll find everything you need to complete projects quickly and easily: Speeds of 1,600 stitches per minute makes for fast sewing; plus with the extra flat wide area of width 225mm x height 140mm to the right of the needle is a generous workspace; the side-loading bobbin allows for easy access. This machine has a bigger bobbin which is 1.4 times larger than a regular bobbin; the automatic thread cutter cuts top and bobbin thread at the push of a button; and the ergonomic knee lift offers a full range of adjustment so you can find the size that fits you. The presser foot has an extra-high lift of 12.7mm; there are 3 LED lights in 2 locations plus a large style size foot control is standard with the machine. There are many optional accessories available for a variety of sewing techniques.
    “World’s First” home-use seven-needle embroidery machine. The MB-7 is the perfect tool to help you conquer your next embroidery project. This innovative machine is built to work with embroidery formats used by industry professionals such as .jef+, .jef and .dst. With 50 built-in embroidery designs and 10 fonts for monogramming, a USB port to easily import designs and a maximum speed of 800 SPM, the possibilities are endless. All embroidery operations are noticeably faster and smoother on the MB-7. It is compact, lightweight and portable. *Available at accredited Janome dealers "We love multi needle embroidery machines"
  • The Janome MC400E is the entry level unit of their new generation medium-weight embroidery-only machines. Moving the embroidery-arm mount to mount cross-ways inside the sewing bed area was a stroke of genius from Janome, making the attachment and removal so much easier than that of the 400e's predecessor, the 350e, and the increased embroidery size of 200mmx200mm (just about 8" square) makes the 400E bigger and more flexible for modern embroiderers who are more and more using their embroidery machines for quilting! While the cross-mounted embroidery arm is easier to use (and far more stable) its permanent mounting makes the 400E bulkier to move so if you are coming to and from class, you may find this difficult, but for embroidery at home, you'll love how smooth this will stitch your work.  "Even though Janome has updated their embroidery machines, the screen and icons still look very familiar making it easy to get around."
  • The Janome MC500E is the top-tier of their new generation of medium-weight embroidery-only machines, and IT IS BIG! Moving the embroidery mount, to mount cross-ways on the inside of the sewing area of the machine, not only makes the MC500E easier to attach the hoop too, but adds extra stability to the embroidery action of the machine - an important improvement considering the new massive embroidery area of 280mm x 200mm (11inches by nearly 8inches)! Embracing the growing trend to quilting in the embroidery machine, the Janome has also added a very clever extension table to the MC500E that supports the hoops while the machine smoothly stitches through bulky and heavy quilts. Like the MC400E, the smoother thread feeding system makes working with metallic and other trickier threads a breeze, and for really big quilting projects, or just every day embroidery fun, you'll love how reliable and powerful the MC500E machine is.  "BIG and strong - the 500E just purrs as it sews through big embroidery projects."
  • New Model The Memory Craft 550E is the latest edition to our Embroidery Only Range and it has the largest embroidery field being 200 x 360mm. Having 4 hoops with the machine it’s easy to personalise, embellish and monogram home décor items, garments and accessories. With 180 built-in embroidery designs and 6 fonts for monogramming, the possibilities are endless. The MC550E has an extra wide table to support large embroidery projects.  Threading is so easy with the adding guide above the needle in conjunction with the superior needle threader. Designs are easily imported via a USB Key and edited through the machine’s advanced on-screen editing functions. Navigation through all of these features has become easier on the MC550E’s LCD colour touch screen. Plus, the machine will automatically power off after a set time.
  • New A Janome overlocker is the perfect companion machine for your Janome sewing machine. Sew your dressmaking projects quickly with a professional finish. Hemming is never easier with rolled hem or blind hem. Seaming is fast and efficient using 4 threads adjusting your stitch length and width to suit your fabric. This model overlocker has 4 bonus feet/attachments packaged in with the overlocker.  
  • The Janome ML644D overlocker is the first of the two easy-thread overlockers in Janome's My Lock range. As a medium-weight overlocker, the ML644D will easily tackle your domestic dressmaking, with its differential feed allowing you to compensate for stretch sewing, or finer fabrics like organza. The in-lay tension system on the ML644D makes for better tension results, and the simple conversion to rolled hem means no more guessing settings or changing needle plates. We mentioned easy-thread? The lower looper of the My Lock series of Janome overlockers, has a swing-out feature so you no longer have to thread awkwardly from under the frame of the machine. **Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that the brochure image is different to the machine image - current 644s have the lovely gold decal finish. "The 644 just sews and sews - it's such a reliable overlocker."
  • Meet the Janome Skyline Range. Skyline machines are designed with the quilter and everyday sewing enthusiast in mind, with a larger, more stable base, bigger sewing space, and a smooth-and-quiet sewing action. The Janome Skyline S3 is the first in the middle-weight Skyline computerised machine range, with a nice variety of stitches, combined with a very respectable variety of feet and accessories as standard. If you want to start getting serious, then the Skyline range is the place to start. "Space for your dollar! The S3 has a big, and wide sewing area for under $ 1500!"
  • Meet the Janome Skyline Range. Skyline machines are designed with the quilter and everyday sewing enthusiast in mind, with a larger, more stable base, bigger sewing space, and a smooth-and-quiet sewing action. The Janome Skyline S7 is the top of the medium-weight computerised sewing and quilter's machine range and is filled with high-level features. Best of all, the large, colour, LCD touch screen gives complete and easy control to stitch settings and machine functions, and the pivot function built in to the S7 makes the sewing foot automatically lift and drop as you stop and start sewing.  "The S7's built-in pivot function lifts the sewing foot for you automatically, so you can keep your hands on your work!"
  • Meet the Skyline range, Janome's new middle-range machines with more space and more functionality for all-rounder sewists who love to sew big and little things. The Janome Skyline S9 is the top-of-the-Skline-range machine, combining lots of excellent sewing features with lots of excellent embroidery features. The sewing functionality of the machine includes a nice selection of 300 stitches, a good-sized sewing space of just over 8 inches, and a smooth 1000 stitches per minute sewing speed, and are accompanied by some very high-end features including 9mm stitch width, automatic pivot function (you stop sewing, the machine lifts the presser foot up for you and automatically lowers it again when you continue), and easy change needle plate Switch to embroidery mode, and there are some very respectable features on the S9, including an embroidery area of 170mm x 200mm (6.7 inches by 7.9") and a big colour screen, but by far the most impressive embroidery feature on the S9 is the WiFi design transfer, which can be used in conjuction with 5 different embroidery apps. You can even use an app to adjust your design position in the hoop using a photo of your hoop with your fabric in it! Amazing! The Skyline S9's embroidery space is a little small for lovers of big machine embroidery projects, but the availability of WiFi at this price range certainly makes up for that. "WiFi!! You can send a design to your machine while sitting at your computer!"
  • AN AIR OF ARTISTRY C r e a t e  m o r e  i n s p i r a t i o n a l  c r e a t i o n s t h a n  e v e r  b e f o r e  w i t h  t h e  h e l p  o f  t h e P FA F F ® a d m i r e ™  a i r 5 0 0 0  o n e - t o u c h a i r t h r e a d i n g  o v e r l o c k  m a c h i n e . The new easy threading overlocker.
  • Sophisticated elegance is ensured by over 155 years of commanding German heritage and ingenuity. PFAFF® expression™ sewing machines offer refined technology and impressive results. Harness the versatility and precision integral to the masterful sewist and be inspired to take on your next artistic journey. We love the new Pfaff range
  • The Pfaff Creative 4.5 brings a combination of functionality and practicality to Pfaff’s luxury Creative range. Not quite as big as their pinnacle machine, the Creative Icon, the Creative 4.5 still delivers and enormous range of embroidery capacity and sewing comfort, and does it in Pfaff usual contemporary design flair. Roomy enough for even your biggest projects, and with the capacity to go even bigger with the optional 360mmx300mm hoop, the Creative 4.5 has 9mm stitch width for gorgeous decorative stitches (some up to an amazing 48mm wide in sewing mode!), and a very spacious full colour screen with lots and lots of onboard creative editing features.
    Whether you love just sewing, just embroidery or just about everything else, you won’t be disappointed by the very well appointed Pfaff Creative 4.5. And don't forget, the unique Pfaff IDT fabric feeding system is right there with you!
     "The Pfaff Creative 4.5 always feels like a touch of luxury when you sew."
  • The Pfaff Creative Icon is the pinnacle of Pfaff's beautiful history of combination embroidery machines, and just as you'd expect from such a milestone of a machine, it is filled with impressive features and functions that you'll delight in. The Creative Icon is bigger than anything before. The very roomy work-space of the Creative Icon is not only long (over 12 inches), it's also high with 5.5 inches of height allowing for bigger, bulkier projects to be tucked into the sewing area, or giving increased visibility to your work. Size also translates to the bobbin and needle area, with the new bobbin holding 30% more thread and the extra-wide needle plate giving smoother travel of your work under your needle. And then there is the enormous screen - big, easy to interact with, the Creative Icon's screen is similar in size to many tablets, and being an interactive touch screen, it also has many tablet-like features including pinch and zoom. Designed to truly engage you, the Creative Icon takes full advantage of this high resolution interface by offering animated help and how-to videos that will guide you through just about any of the impressive functions of the machine. Plug in the embroidery arm of the Creative Icon, and you'll be impressed by the 360mm x 260mm (that's 14 inches by 10 inches) embroidery area that's all in one hoop, and then once you are blown away by that, add the optional Grand Dream Hoop to extend your embroidery area out to 360mm x 250mm (that's 14 inches by 13.5 inches)...WOW!! Of course, big features means a big machine, so you'll need to make extra space in your sewing room, but that's a great thing, right? "The Pfaff Creative Icon is so big and beautiful and does EVERYTHING you could ever want."
  • Let your artistry take flight! Sophisticated elegance is ensured by over 155 years of commanding German heritage and ingenuity. PFAFF® expression™ sewing machines offer refined technology and impressive results. Harness the versatility and precision integral to the masterful sewist and be inspired to take on your next artistic journey. the new Pfaff sewing machine range.
  • "The Pfaff Creative Icon is so big and beautiful and does EVERYTHING you could ever want."The Pfaff Performance Icon follows hot on the heels of their very much loved and very very big Creative Icon combination embroidery and sewing machine. Taking on board the pleas of Pfaff lovers over the world, who wanted to focus purely on sewing and quilting, Pfaff has separated the entire sewing component from the machine embroidery component of the Creative Icon. The end result is the Performance Icon, a fully loaded, top-of-the-line quilter's edition machine that takes industry advancement by the horns, and proudly boasts being the market leader in its field. What does that mean for you? As a quilter, you have more space than anyone else, with a very roomy 31cm (12.2 inch) wide and 14cm (5.1 inch) high sewing area; as a sewer you have incomparable interaction with your stitches on the tablet-like screen complete with pinch and zoom functions; and as a creator of beautiful masterpieces, you have the absolute best that Pfaff can offer the sewing world. Removing the machine embroidery component of this Icon-series machine was a stroke of genius by Pfaff, making pinnacle levels of luxury available to passionate quilters, without the added expense of an unwanted embroidery module and functionality.   "It's not just the space for quilting that we love, it's the powerful IDT feeding as you sew!"
  • Discover the difference of sophisticated elegance with the quilt ambition™ 630 sewing machine. Unrivalled precision and commanding innovation come standard.   The Sophisticated elegance
  • BEAUTY IS IN THE DETAILS PFAFF® expression™ line of sewing machines Elegant functionality is delivered with poise and precision by the exciting quilt expression™ 720 sewing machine. Discover the depth and harness the artful ability of this sophisticated and robust machine.Innovative and customizable features allow users the control to fine-tune their process, revealing an artistic path fueled by the desire to push boundaries and master their craft.

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