• The Handi Quilter Simply 16 is ground-breakingly simple to use, even for a beginner! The smaller frame means that it will fit into your sewing room, the built-in stitch regulator makes quilting stress-free for even for the complete novice, and the 16" machine is powerful but not too heavy to drive. Best of all, the unique "hooping" system for setting up your work on the Simply 16 means that you don't need to commit an entire roll of wadding to your frame. Instead, with the use of a leader cloth, you can quilt even very small projects like table runners, and you can set up and stitch in just a matter of minutes. See Me On Display In Store! Scroll down to watch a video on this product! NOTE: Availability and Delivery of the Simply 16 will depend on your location and access to your home. Please contact the store to confirm delivery fee and to purchase.
  • The Janome DC2050 is a tidy little computerised sewing machine, perfect for simple sewing, hemming and mending. This machine comes with a fun range of stitches making it great value for money but keep in mind you won't sew through heavy or bulky items very well.  "The DC2050 is a low-price way into sewing with lots of stitches to play with while you find what you love to create."
  • The Janome DC2150 is a light-weight computerized machine with a good variety of stitches. You wouldn't want to quilt with this machine everyday, but add a walking foot and you can work on your smaller projects just fine.  "This machine has a bit of everything while being light to lift - perfect for the caravan!"
  • The Janome DC2200 is a great starting place if you are looking for a stronger, more robust machine. There's no money wasted on a large variety of decorative stitches, with the focus here being instead on a range of functional stitches in a machine with a sturdier build and a smoother, more quiet stitch.  "The DC2200 is where Janome entry level machines start to get robust. This'll sew thicker fabrics nicely!"
  • The Janome DC6050 is a beginner-weight computerised machine with a nice range of functions including a built-in scissor action system - just touch the scissor button and the top and bottom threads will be cut by the machine before you pull your fabric away! While the 6050 is a great all-rounder, you might find the speed a little slow for quilting, but you'll enjoy its functionality for everyday work.  "You'll feel a bit spoilt by the DC6050's automatic cutting function - cuts your threads with the touch of a button!"
  • The Janome MC400E is the entry level unit of their new generation medium-weight embroidery-only machines. Moving the embroidery-arm mount to mount cross-ways inside the sewing bed area was a stroke of genius from Janome, making the attachment and removal so much easier than that of the 400e's predecessor, the 350e, and the increased embroidery size of 200mmx200mm (just about 8" square) makes the 400E bigger and more flexible for modern embroiderers who are more and more using their embroidery machines for quilting! While the cross-mounted embroidery arm is easier to use (and far more stable) its permanent mounting makes the 400E bulkier to move so if you are coming to and from class, you may find this difficult, but for embroidery at home, you'll love how smooth this will stitch your work.  "Even though Janome has updated their embroidery machines, the screen and icons still look very familiar making it easy to get around."
  • Meet the Janome Skyline Range. Skyline machines are designed with the quilter and everyday sewing enthusiast in mind, with a larger, more stable base, bigger sewing space, and a smooth-and-quiet sewing action. The Janome Skyline S3 is the first in the middle-weight Skyline computerised machine range, with a nice variety of stitches, combined with a very respectable variety of feet and accessories as standard. If you want to start getting serious, then the Skyline range is the place to start. "Space for your dollar! The S3 has a big, and wide sewing area for under $ 1500!"

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